Did you back the gorgeous Jotun in July of 2014? If so, then you’d better be sure to check Kickstarter as beta access opened up this month. All folks who pledged to a tier with beta access can now jump in and check how the game is progressing.


If your reward tier includes beta access then you should have received a Humble email last week, but if not, click here and fill out your email address. Folks who have already been enjoying the alpha build should have seen an update go out over Steam which brings Jotun up to beta status.

Finally, the latest backer update to Jotun poses a question to folks: “Would it be ok if we push all rewards that aren’t in-game to after the launch?” Be sure to share your opinion on that if you’ve not already. Now, feast your eyes on this awesome Jotun beta footage:

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada