For those unfamiliar with it, Last Year is a 5 vs 1 multiplayer game themed around slasher films. One player is the killer while the other four band together as a group of young adults. The campaign launched and found a surprisingly late surge in funds during November 2014. A few months after the Kickstarter, it actually got in a legal tangle with the Friday the 13th rights owner which thankfully appears to have been resolved by now. Updates have trickled in since the successful campaign, but legal issues alongside a lack of solid development updates have led to some concerns.

lastyear1In the newest backer-only update, it was revealed that James Matthew Wearing has secured $260,000 in funding thanks to the Canada Media Fund (CMF). It is certainly not the first video game to receive funding through this venue and will definitely not be the last. Why would they need more money after raising around $88,000 on Kickstarter? Simple, the developer has stated from the start that crowdfunding via Kickstarter was just the first stage and that more funding would be required. Even this $200k boost isn’t enough, as the plan is to get an outside investor interested and/or attract more crowdfunded support via PayPal donations.

lastyearlockerroomThe website for Last Year, which has been offline for quite sometime, is still being worked on. Whenever it does launch again a PayPal link will be available. A playable demo was also revealed as being in the works. Here’s hoping video of it will make the rounds and help folks determine whether or not they want to engage in PayPal funding for Last Year or not.

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