You know, one thing that always is a bit disappointing is checking out a new campaign and seeing that the developer has only backed one or two Kickstarter projects prior to launching their own. Hey, nothing wrong with that, but it’s pretty common. I couldn’t help but notice that the opposite is the case with Blue Moth Studio and their 40 campaign backer status! Okay, but enough about that, what’s the game they’ve brought to the crowdfunding audience today? Soul Keepers. This game tells the story of a woman named Tanaka who has just died — but is still “living” in some sense. She has entered a new realm and must discover its secrets.


Soul Keepers defines its gameplay as being similar to classic action RPGs. No specific games are mentioned, but the fantastical backdrop makes it seem more reticent of a The Legend of Zelda title rather than Diablo, at least. Although the game is currently in a prototype phase, the developers have opted against showing much gameplay footage at all or even offing up a brief demo. This is definitely unfortunate, and a misstep in my opinion, because the Kickstarter simply doesn’t give prospective backers enough of a reason to actually back this game. Feel free to comment if you disagree, of course!


Thus far it appears that Soul Keepers  has also not made the jump to Steam Greenlight. With that said, Blue Moth Studio does intend to release the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Here’s hoping that they’ll better utilize their knowledge of Kickstarters as it’ll be necessary to reach the $11,550 goal.

Track the progress of the Soul Keepers Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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