Looking for a classic-style 2D platformer? Sure, you could always just plug in an old SNES or Genesis and pop in a cart, but you could also take a look at the library of such types of games hitting Kickstarter. The latest in the world of crowdfunded platformers is Spark the Electric Jester. And unlike some of these titles, in the case of this one it was actually designed by someone who has a lot of experiencing in making modern games feel like 16-bit classics. Developer Felipe Ribeiro Daneluz (or LakeFeperd) previously created Sonic the Hedgehog fan games such as Sonic Before the Sequel, Sonic After the Sequel, and Sonic Chrono Adventure.


This appears to be his first big foray into creating a game that is a totally new IP. Thankfully this is the case, as there’s no doubt that if he tried to fund for another Sonic the Hedgehog fan game that things would have very likely ended in a DMCA takedown. Even so, Spark the Electric Jester has some similarities. Spark is a character with a definite “cool” factor who must run, jump, and fight off the many robots wreaking havoc on each stage.


Would you like to actually try the game itself before considering donating? Luckily, a demo for Spark the Electric Jester is available at this link. Daneluz is looking to raise $7,000 in funding via Kickstarter and has already made a good chunk of it. As of now, the game is planned for release on both Windows and Mac in Spring 2016.

Track the progress of the Spark the Electric Jester Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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