Developer Icebird Studios have just launched a Kickstarter for their first game, Submerged, a new underwater RTS developed on the Unreal Engine 4. Icebird is looking for $60,000 to fund the game, and has already been Greenlit by the Steam community.

Submerged sounds like a rather ambitious game, featuring a persistent online world where 16 different players will fight for the last remaining resources under the sea. There are no teams in the game either, so the developer made it a point to note there will be massive battles in the game, as all 16 players will be fighting for the same resources. Other players won’t be the only threat though as the sea will be littered with deadly plants and other creatures.


The game is looking to harken back to golden days of the RTS genre, with players collecting resources,, building bases, advancing tech tress, unit research and of course, feature a single player campaign. Base building will be faster paced in Submerged than in other games according to the developers due to the increased focus on strategic action. And, you’ll have to be fast because the only way to keep you units alive is by taking out other units and collect their lost oxygen tanks.

The game’s storyline is also rather interesting, here’s a synopsis via the Kickstarter page:

It’s the year 2063. The world’s population has grown uncontrollably. The immense technological progress and the nearly ten billion consumers have used up the world’s natural resources at a terrifying speed. Oil and mineral prices have shot upwards. Resource wars have spread all over the globe. 

The last unexploited natural resource deposits lie deep down in the middle of the ocean. But mining at 3000ft below the surface is anything but safe. Despite the dangers, privately owned corporations are making a fortune with the highly profitable deep-sea mining business and send high-tech mining squads down to salvage the resources.

Like nomads, the mining crews are traversing the ocean with huge tankships, looking for new mining spots. Completely cut off from law and order on the continents, the deep-sea has turned into the modern Wild West and the dirty gold rush for the world’s last resources has just begun.

Worst of all, the crews are not only going after the valuable minerals, but also fiercely after each other, competing for the best mining spots and the most vital of all goods under water: Oxygen.

As commanding officer you are in command of such a swimming ark. You set course to the mining spot you want to search next. You research, craft, upgrade and manage your fleet of underwater vessels. You put together a team of specialists suited for your next deep-sea mission. And of course you lead your fully equipped squad into unforgiving underwater battles and prove your skill against the other resource hunters. You are in command, and this is your resource war!


There’s a bunch more details on the game via the Kickstarter page so be sure to check it out to learn all about the different unit types, game modes and other features the game has to offer.

The game itself is a little ways off, with the release date currently set for November 2016, according to the Kickstarter page. We’ll be sure to bring you all the latest updates on Submerged, so stay tuned to Cliqist on Facebook and Twitter.


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