With less than a week left to go, RED ASH – The Indelible Legend is proving that having a well-established name or brand is not always enough to create a runaway success on Kickstarter. As of right now, Comcept has raised close to $500,000. That’s no small sum but is definitely a few hundred thousand bucks less than the goal of $800,000.

Red Ash 7/29/2015 , 12:14:50 AM Red Ash Prototype

In order to help spur some last minute backers into action, they’ve released a playable mockup of RED ASH to everyone. When they say mockup they really mean it too. Character models from Mighty No. 9 were plucked out of their respective game and placed here just to give a sense of the world. Of course, actions such as shooting enemies haven’t even been devised yet. Instead, you can basically just walk around.


You can download the demo to your PC via this direct link. Or, you can check out the Unity version in your browser by following this link. What are your thoughts on the RED ASH mockup? Let us know!

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