RED ASH – The Indelible Legend has been quite the noteworthy Kickstarter campaign to watch over the past month. It launched with a boom, as of course people were excited to see Keiji Inafune’s next Mega Man-inspired project. However, with little more than concept art (and Mighty No. 9 still not out), backers definitely seemed to hold back. This week a very early game build was released publicly and seemed a last ditch effort to drum up funds. Well, now RED ASH: The KalKanon Incident (prologue chapter of a game which is intended to be far larger) is confirmed for development, regardless of the Kickstarter’s success.


How? Simple, they got an outside investor in the form of FUZE Entertainment. They did not actually pledge to the Kickstarter, of course, but are confirmed to be providing the monetary assistance needed to get RED ASH’s eight hour prologue game out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. There’s no doubt a tidy sum of money was offered to make it so Comcept can confirm those ports, too. It appears Comcept has not sold the rights to RED ASH and will retain them throughout this deal.


You might notice that the Kickstarter campaign is still running. So, what’s the reasoning there? They’ve now pivoted the crowdfunding campaign’s purpose as adding “more content” to RED ASH. Basically, it’ll be like funding stretch goals, though they’re still going to need to actually reach the $800,000 goal to get any of this additional money. It’s an interesting turn of events, for sure. What are your opinions on the latest news surrounding RED ASH?

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada