We haven’t covered That Dragon, Cancer much since its Kickstarter campaign last fall, but that’s ok.  Development of the tragic adventure experience of a child’s struggle with cancer continues, and it’s looking better than ever.  But I’m still steering clear.  I skim the backer updates as they pop up, and even check out the screenshots, but as soon as I see something like this


I move along.

I’m sure That Dragon, Cancer will be an enjoyable enough game, regardless of how artsy it may or may not be. As I’ve grown older, though, I’ve found that I can’t separate the gamer side of my brain from the dad side.  Typically this just means that I follow all traffic laws and don’t hurt anyone while playing Grand Theft Auto 5 in front of my four year old.  However it also means that I can’t look forward to playing child tragedy games like Fran Bow and That Dragon, Cancer without getting misty-eyed.

So yeah, screw That Dragon, Cancer.  I won’t be playing it, but you totally should.  Want my copy when I buy it?

That Dragon Cancer is an adventure game about two parents and a small child dealing with the horrors of cancer.

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