Jump into the cockpit and strap yourselves in as we’ve got another flight sim to show off. This time you’ll be taking to the air in an AV-8B Harrier II jet in Combat Air Patrol 2. That’s right. You’ll be behind the controls of this beauty during missions over the Strait of Hormuz. If you don’t know what this plane is, it’s a VTOL aircraft in use by the U.S. air force. That means it can hover and land vertically like a helicopter but has the power of a jet.

Combat Air Patrol 2

So, you get to fly a fancy plane in the Middle East. So what? What makes Combat Air Patrol 2 different than any other flight sim out there? Well, for starters there is combat as you’re in a hypothetical hot zone. Participate in dog fights, take on ground targets, and lead your squad to victory. But that’s not all. There’s also a tactical element to the game. You not only pilot your plane and command your wingmen but you’ll also be able to strategically take the fleet into the action via a “tactical map”.

Combat Air Patrol 2

How you take on each mission determines how well you do when the dust settles. “Go ‘gung ho’ with a full out assault and the outcome will be in the balance or plan ahead and the end result will be your ultimate victory.” Strategy is as important as going out guns blazing. Remember that when you play.

I will freely admit that I’ve never been particularly good at flight sims and I’d be wary to try this one out because I’m certain to fail the training missions. But, Combat Air Patrol 2 does look like a great game and one that I’d be willing to crash and burn in. The graphics are beautiful and the landscapes are painstakingly detailed and accurate.

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