Most games that have Beta builds waiting for backers to try out usually don’t give a checklist rundown of the planned road ahead. However, it looks like PULSAR: Lost Colony is one of the rare exceptions. In the latest update for the state of the game the developers mapped out the plans for where they are going to take the development for the next 12 to 18 months. Which is a lot more than I ever would have expected for a Beta announcement. But, what exactly are they going to offer within the next year-to-year-and-a-half?


First off, it appears that a majority of work will be done on adding content and making sure that everything works as intended. Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of the planned features for PULSAR: Lost Colony will have to be moved to sometime in the future. Possibly way past the release of the game itself. But, it looks like most of these are unnecessary to enjoying the full game. Pushed back are features like VR, offline LAN support, and community modding features. Anyone who plays the game on launch will still get the full experience minus these quality of life features.

PULSAR: Lost Colony


The update also lists what the plans are for each “milestone” moments. From early Beta with tweaks to the UI and AI, balancing the encounters, etc to the late game when all that’s left is polishing the game and making sure PULSAR: Lost Colony is bug free the rundown can be found within. If you’re listed as a tester be sure to make note of these changes as time goes on. How long of a wait is this? Well, let’s let the developers speak for themselves. “Our current estimate is 12 – 18 months. This is mostly based on how long it will take us to create a satisfactory amount of content.”

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