It’s usually weird to see a horror adventure game paired up with a cute fantasy game but really I knew that this was going to happen eventually with OhNoo Studios offering copies of their first crowdfunded game Tormentum to tiers at and above $29 for the currently running Tsioque campaign. There has been a fair amount of talk about the previous title in the comments section and I’m not the only one in thinking that it was a great game.


The update goes on to say that anyone who pledges to a tier that gets a digital copy will receive their key right after the campaign for Tsioque ends. Obviously, this would be dependent on if the game gets funding to begin with. With four weeks left on the clock they’ve managed to snag about a third of the base funding goal and this title is so worth getting the money. You can read our previous Tsioque coverage here. ¬†While you’re at it, check out our coverage of Tormentum as well, it’s a great game.

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