I’m not really a fan of 4X games. They’re just a tad bit too slow for me. Even for someone who loves slower paced games like adventures, in relation to the more twitchy action games at least, at least I can take in the beauty of the world around me and soak in the awesome story. However, GalaCollider looks to up the ante and actually make me interested in finally giving a game in the genre a serious glance. And it’s not just because it’s speeds things along, although it doesn’t hurt.


In GalaCollider you take on the role of one of several (currently only two) factions and take to the stars, expanding your empire and taking on your opponents however you see fit. Standard strategy fare here. Where it turns the idea on its head, though, is one genre of gaming that I absolutely adore playing. Card games. Yes, you get to outstrategize your opponent with the help of cards played from your hand and sending your ships out to meet them. You have two decks, your main deck and a “TechPool”. They sound exactly what you’d expect. The TechPool is basically your research tree.


The difference between GalaCollider and most CCGs is that there’s nothing collectible about the cards. You know what you’re getting every time you purchase a pack or set. Nothing’s randomized. The strategy is building your deck how you want to play and take it to the board. Each ship you play from your hand can be built in a system that it can be and once it’s in play it’s rendered in 3D on the map.

There’s not a whole lot to the story, but I do like the idea of mixing two pretty disparate gaming genres and making a unique title that even I’d be interested in exploring.

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