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The name Grim Dawn sounds like how I used to feel when I had to get up early for work; instead, this particular Grim Dawn is a Diablo style action RPG from Crate Entertainment. If you’ve played the Titan Quest games then Grim Dawn will feel very familiar, which should come as no surprise when you consider that the founder of Crate Entertainment worked on Titan Quest as lead gameplay designer and the engine for the game is an improved version of the one used in Titan Quest.
GrimDawn3_lrgGrim Dawn gets the distinction of being the first Kickstarter game I ever backed way back in May 2012.  Since then the game has seen an alpha release in May 2013, followed by a Steam Early Access release later the same year. Since the Early Access release there’s been a steady stream of patches and new builds, each adding a number of improvements.  It’s come a long way in the past 18 months, particularly with regards to visual and performance improvements, in-game content, and the way information is given to the player.  Combat in early versions of Grim Dawn lacked impact, but that’s also been improved significantly. Additionally, upgrading skills works really well now; the points you earn for leveling up can be allocated to a variety of skills.
GrimDawn1Of course with this kind of game it’s the loot collecting that is addictive, and Grim Dawn is just about there.  While it’s better than it was in the past, it does seem like you come across that next upgrade to equip quite often, which could also be considered a good thing.

Having put around 34 hours into Grim Dawn I can say that even in its current Early Access state the game is worth the money, if you like Diablo style games.  If you’re reluctant to jump into the Early Access pool then you can expect to see the full version of Grim Dawn released by the end of the year.


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Stephen East
Stephen East has been playing games since they’ve existed. He was brought up on a diet of 80’s computers such as the Spectrum and the Amiga, before migrating to console gaming. He’s a huge fan of fighting games, role playing games and shoot ’em ups; especially if they have awesome 2D art. Stephen only recently started writing about games and covering them on YouTube, but he really tries to cover lesser known games to help give them more attention.
Stephen East
  • Dawnyaaa

    Any idea when this game will finally be released..? Because it’s over 3 years of wait now.

    • It’s definitely been a while. I am happy that they’re still really engaged with it though. Only thing I’ve heard with regards to a release date is later 2015, and that was as recently as June of this year. Fingers crossed!

      • Dawnyaaa

        I am waiting on a final version on this one.
        I wanted to buy the SEA a long time ago, but when i saw that so much time had pass without release, i became worried and wary of the situation and restrained myself.

        • Yeah last i heard they were aiming for october/november time from what they have said they are working on the final act a new class a skill devotion system and legendary items. I can say i got my moneys worth so far anyway

        • I’m looking forward to playing Grim Dawn, but I’m waiting as well. I doubt the price is going to go up once the final release hits, so there’s no financial incentive to get in now. On top of that I don’t want to play a mostly finished game now only to restart it once it comes out. With ARPGs I tend to play them through once and move on.

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