Remember Outer Wilds? In case you forgot, it’s the very first campaign on the new crowdfunding site Fig. The campaign recently hit a milestone by attaining $100,000 in funding, though they’ve still got to reach that $125,000 goal within the next two weeks.


In any case, now that we’re about halfway through the run of this project, it’s a good time to draw more potential backers to the project. Mobius Digital are doing this by releasing a public alpha demo of Outer Wilds (for Windows, Mac, and Linux). There was an existing alpha of the game out there for a while, but this build has even more to explore and discover.

Need more of a reason to give the alpha a shot? The first player to discover and solve a question hidden in a new location will get their name added to the in-game Outer Wilds Ventures’ Founders Plaque.

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