A couple months ago I mentioned that Cliqist was heading to Patreon.  And here we are!

We haven’t launched our Patreon because we’re drowning in debt and are only a few days away from shutting down, we’ve decided to reach out to our fans for a little help to help make Cliqist even better.  As you’ll see on the Patreon page we’ve got a number of new features we’d love to get off the ground, and can use a hand getting there.  Whether you’re able to donate a lot or a little you should know that we really appreciate every dollar, and hope you like the backer rewards.  Two rewards I’d like to single out are the behind the scenes access and our Cliqiteer Rewards program.  Behind the scenes access allows Patreon backers to see content that hasn’t been published yet, sometimes weeks before it goes live.  The great thing about the behind the scenes access is that it doesn’t require logging in to some back-end with a special address to get to, it’ll just show upon the regular site for you.  The Cliqiteer Rewards program is a system where backers can earn coupons to use on our rewards redemption site, which you can find at cliqist.com/backers.  At the moment it contains a bunch of great crowdfunded games, but in the future it’ll also contain other great content, including artwork, clothing, and more.couponThe Cliqiteer Rewards program brings up a question some of you may have.  “You cover Kickstarter almost exclusively, why not a Kickstarter?”  A Kickstarter would be easier from a reward standpoint, wouldn’t it?  No need for new rewards every month, just a one time deal!  However, I’ve always had a really strange feeling about websites doing Kickstarter campaigns.  Some, such as IndieStatik, are nothing short of a disaster, while others like GameTunnel just have an icky feeling.  One issue is that websites don’t have one time expenses, they have ongoing financial obligations such as hosting fees, software renewals, and writer salaries.  Given that we’re an advertising fee site we want to ensure that we deliver great content far into the future, not just until the Kickstarter money runs out.

Can’t or won’t back the Cliqist Patreon campaign?  No worries, we still love you for even taking a look at it.  Sharing it with others is definitely appreciated as well!

We’ll be putting a couple “Back Us On Patreon” buttons on the site, but won’t be flooding you with it.  If you have any feedback just let us know!


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