That’s right, we’re heading to the ‘tip jar’ crowdfunding platform in the next couple months and we’d love to hear your feedback.  Whether it’s concerning Cliqist and the articles we post, the pledge tiers and rewards you’d like to see, or what you feel some of the milestones should include; we’d like to hear it all.

Keep in mind, the team and I have no intention of putting up a pay wall for content regardless of how well or poorly the Patreon does.  Content will still be free of charge without any ads mucking things up.  However, we’d like to incentivize and reward backers.  This could include things like custom campaign notifications, behind-the-scenes info, the ability to choose what we write more about, access to unpublished articles, and so on.

Why are we doing a Patreon?  Are we on the verge of going under and hope that someone will save us?  Far from it!  In fact, our traffic continues to climb, and we’ve got some great plans for the future.  However, we’d really like to continue Cliqist’s growth by adding new features that benefit everyone, especially those as obsessed with crowdfunding as we are.

If you have a moment please comment below, or send an email directly to me at, with questions, suggestions, and demands.  All feedback is much appreciated.


Thanks, and have a great day!


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