Most post apocalyptic games are set in a dead world where nothing seems to grow or thrive despite the surivors’ best attempts. We see the dark and dreary worlds set forth by games like Wasteland and Fallout that merely serves to bring home the futility of trying to eke out a miserable existence. So, when a title like Cold Horizon comes along it brings hope. Hope for a good future in the hands of two most unlikely of heroes.Cold Horizon

Cold Horizon is a 2D platformer set in a world devastated by whatever calamity that has befallen it. And the survivors do whatever they can to stay alive. That’s about where it stops being just another example of the genre and starts to deviate from the norm. Enter a polar bear and a boy with strange and special powers as they travel the lands to escape those who want to use him for their own purposes.

While I’m not much of a platformer fan I do find the story quite intriguing and one that I want to keep an eye on. For you see, as the two tackle insurmountable odds to make it out safely they forge a deep bond that reflects on how they work together. And the further they get the closer they become, even unlocking new powers and abilities as they continue their struggle.Cold Horizon

As the bear and child form an unbreakable friendship, the boy’s true significance is gradually revealed, leaving the duo with only one option to guarantee survival: making the journey to pass the cold horizon.

Cold Horizon is going to be an episodic series of games, each one focusing on one of the seasons. And with each season new powers will unlock. And, according to the pitch, each one is pretty much a self contained narrative with an overarching storyline.

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