It’s been a little while since the Kickstarter campaign for Kôna ended with $44,271 CAD raised to fund the immersive survival adventure title. Since September of last year, the small team has been working hard to bring the game to scale, adding new team members and fleshing out the game world with new art. Recently, Studio Parabole had quite a bit to update their audience on. Aside from making an appearance at PAX Prime last month, the team has released alpha footage of the progress they’ve made, as well as a couple renders of the main characters’ model that’s finally established:Kona_Character_1

Alongside the first installment receiving an official title, Kôna: Day One, Studio Parabole has been granted an additional $215,000 CAD by the Canada Media Fund, a government-funded program dedicated to empowering groups and individuals currently developing a media/arts program of their own. This financial boost not only allows them to continue to put all their effort into the project, but provides more staffing in the localization department. Kôna will be recorded with French and English voice acting, and subtitles will be translated to Italian, German, and Spanish as well.

There’s still a long way to go in order to bring this title to life, and the team’s progress can be tracked on Twitter, Facebook, the Kôna Blog, and their newly added subreddit!  You can also check up on our previous Kôna coverage right here.

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