In January of this year, Invert Mouse raised $2,640 AUD to fund Without Within, a visual novel available for PC, Mac, and Linux through Steam Greenlight. The sequel to the game we adored has been officially announced, showing Vinty en route to a calligraphy event in Melbourne to meet Excelia, a world famous calligrapher. The funds raised in the original Kickstarter have given the team enough to get a demo completed for the sequel that’s already in production.


Without Within 2 has already been Greenlit on Steam, and the short teaser trailer can be seen below.  This visual novel is the combined efforts of artist Karla Featherstone, composer Efe Tozan, and programmer Kyle Tyner. InvertMouse’s other games can be found on Steam, and their progress can be tracked through Facebook, Twitter, and on their main site!

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