The human psyche is such a fragile thing and all it takes is one event to send one tumbling down an endless spiral of depression and madness. In the case of Healing Process: Tokyo it’s about a doctor that loses the love of his life after a tragic accident. Despite his best efforts he couldn’t save her and has since suffered because of it. As he continues down his dark path his work suffers as surgery after surgery gets botched. Leading him to seek help.Healing Process: Tokyo

Charles Russell is his name, and finally seeing what’s been happening to him emotionally and professionally he seeks help from a therapist. Taking a day off from work he struggles to come to terms with what happened and redeem himself in the eyes of the community that he hurt from his failures. And it’s up to you to help him through this tough ordeal and hopefully help him rise from the ashes of despair.

Healing Process: Tokyo really does delve into some serious issues that afflicts more people than you probably think and the developers want to make sure that they treat depression and suicidal thoughts with respect by doing their research before really getting down into writing the story for the game. At the same time, they want to take players on a trip inside poor Russell’s mind as he fights his inner demons and fears to come out on top.Healing Process: Tokyo

I enjoy games that deal with the mind and how it can make you think things that aren’t real or deal with horrors purely imaginary. That said, sometimes a game comes along that makes me not sure that I want to play it because of the subject matter. Still, Healing Process: Tokyo looks to be an interesting take on the genre and one that you might want to check out. And if you’re not sure you can always try out the demo.

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