Yes you read that right, Starwhal, the “Retro, epic narwhal battle in space!” will be going live on Nintendo’s Wii U console on September 24th of this year.

Also, according to the developers at Breakfall, Starwhal will also be receiving an exclusive multiplayer mode on the Wii U called Blastopus Mode. The mode in question, based on the Wii U trailer, is basically a mode in which you either play as a Starwhal and attempt to avoid being blown up, or a Blastopus in which your job is to blow up the Starwhals by tapping the screen on the Wii U gamepad stylus to drop bombs in the attempt to destroy the Starwhals.

Having four Starwhals in this small a space is just madness.

Over all the mode looks pretty fun; so if you have a Wii U and some buddies to play on the couch with, then this will be great for you.  If you’re still skeptical be sure to check out our previous Starwhal coverage.

To get a taste of what Blastopus mode looks like in action take a look at the official trailer, enjoy.

Jordan Jennings
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Jordan Jennings