We’ve been waiting on it for a while now, but the RETRO VGS, a modern console for cartridge games, has just launched on Indiegogo. What exactly is this console all about? It’s an attempt to bring back aspects of gaming that have long since been forgotten. For example, unlike the PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U, you won’t have to download patches and updates before even beginning a game. The goal is to create a system which is fast to boot, free of patches, DLC-less, and bring back a simpler time in consoles.


What about the games?! Of course, the RETRO VGS simply cannot succeed on premise alone if there are no games for it. A variety of developers have confirmed they will port their games to the cartridge system. This includes titles such as GUNLORD, Read Only Memories, and Songbringer. Of course, there are negotiations to bring even more to the system. It was also previously confirmed that 8-bit console titles such as the NES library could run through the RETRO VGS with a cartridge adapter, which extends the library beyond modern indies.


So, how much will it take to make the RETRO VGS a reality? Mike Kennedy and company have set a funding goal of $1,950,000 with consoles going for $299 at early bird tier (and $349 regularly). This is a huge number to see asked straight from the start — and it’s also a fixed funding campaign. Thus far no video game-specific Indiegogo projects have made over a million. However, a handful of technology projects have raised as much and more in the past year. It will be exciting to see how this project goes, though it’s odd to see they did not return to Kickstarter (as they did for both RETRO Magazine campaigns).

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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Marcus Estrada
  • I really cannot see something like this doing well…very expensive and carts are not cheap to make plus the install base would not be that high for publishers to make money….and unless i am going blind they do not say how powerful the system is

    I think really they should have gone the route of making a machine like the retron 5 that can play most cart based system games such as the megadrive/snes not just 8 bit.

    I also think they should have games that come on a usb or sd card instead i am sure that would have been cheaper and lets be honest if the games are 8 bit/16bit i cannot see loading being a issue

  • I don’t see this one taking off. For starters they made the mistake of going with Indiegogo. Especially for that much money. Secondly, they are asking for a good amount of funding. $1.9M is a lot. Plus, we had the flop that is Ouya so I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people are wary of backing another console via crowdfunding. The pricing point is a bit on the high side too. When the big three are around $500 or so (give or take…I really don’t know what they’re going for right now) I’d see more people flock to the next gen systems. Finally, this is a niche group they’re targeting. When we can easily get our 8-bit fix on via emulators, generally for free, I don’t see this one being any more viable (perhaps less so) than that tiny cube that’s not doing so well.

    • I may have missed it, but have they said why they didn’t launch the campaign on Kickstarter?

      • That is a very good question. I rarely ever check Indiegogo except for a project that I’ve already known about and am interested in. Or is being done by friends.

  • Boy, things are not going well for the campaign. They’ve really stalled it seems.

    • Honestly, I’m not surprised. I did expect a slightly higher amount, though. They’re just asking for too much money and being on Indiegogo doesn’t help at all, either.

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