Those of us who are both fans of crowdfunding and visual novels know that Sekai Project is an extremely strong presence in both scenes in the West. They’ve successfully raised funds for seven visual novels so far, and have just added an eighth! That newest game is Witch boy Magical piece, which we told you about when it was announced at Otakon earlier this year. In case you missed that, let’s recap the basics. In this title, a group of charming young men are the only ones capable of stopping a dastardly alien menace. How? Their power allows them to turn into magical girls!witchboymagicalpiece

It’s a bit confusing of a skill, to be certain. With that said, it looks like Witch boy Magical piece will allow players to explore gender identity through the cast. Some examples of what characters will go through, given by Sekai Project include: “If I had been born a girl, could I have become his girlfriend?” or “Which side of me did he fall in love with, my female self or my male self?” Done well, that is an aspect of the game which definitely draws my attention. It does appear, though, that Witch boy Magical piece maintains its status as a “boy’s love” genre title by keeping all actual romance scenes between protagonists that are male-bodied and male-identified.

Folks who follow Sekai Project may notice that this campaign is far pricier than most they’ve launched thus far with its goal of $57,000. Only gargantuan titles Clannad and The Grisaia Project have been higher! This is due to some unique additional fees which include porting the game (from mobile to Steam) and paying for the re-use of voice acting.

Track the progress of the Witch boy Magical piece Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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