The world’s most awesomesly radical flight sim series Red Baron isn’t dead!

Ok let’s, stay calm.  Grab a paper bag, breathe deep.

Polygon ran an article today titled “The Red Baron Prepares to Fly Again.”

Holllllyyyyyyy shhhhhhhiiiiiii… ok.  Don’t get too excited.


From the sounds of things the controversial MOBA style Red Baron of the 2013 Kickstarter is dead, and a project truer to the games roots is it the works.

Oh yes, yes.  Let’s play!

It being in the works might be taking it a bit far.  Damon Slye, the Dynamix designer whose poster we all had on our walls in the 90’s, says that he’s looking to raise $50,000 to work on a prototype which can then be used to run a proper crowdfunding campaign.


Awesome!  Wait, not awesome.  Ok, sort of great, I guess?

In the end the world of Damon Slye’s Red Baron isn’t necessarily dead, but it’s future depends on the stars aligning.

Screw it, I’m saving for some serious crowdfunding backing!  Kickstarter?  Fig?  IndieGogo?  Can’t wait to find out!

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