Orion now officially has a release date. Described as a ‘science-fiction visual novel exploring the nature of time, technology, and the human desire for power’, the title is set for release on Monday, September 28th. That’s just under a week away.

Featuring full voice acting, an original soundtrack, and a range of influential narrative choices that lead into multiple endings, Orion follows Sam Acacius, an inhabitant of the Orion Torus, as he investigates a plan to destroy his home.

OrionWhether or not it’ll live up to the depth of its promise remains to be seen, but it was enough to convince 168 backers to raise a total of $6,059 for the project. Contributors will know soon enough whether their money was well spent. Visual novels lack the sort of interactivity provided by a full game, after all, so their narratives tend to be excellent.


Orion will be available to download through Steam when it launches on Monday. 

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