It’s always a sad thing to see a developer give up on making the game of their dream. It’s even sadder when it’s a game that looked so promising. Unfortunately, as of about a month ago Jonah from Two Crowns Entertainment was forced to admit that text based RPG The Diviner will not be releasing at all due to circumstances apparently beyond his control, despite raising over $18,000 on Kickstarter two years ago. And this is a decision that was mostly met with disappointment but understanding by the backers.

The Diviner

Here’s what we know. The project lead had gone incommunicado for roughly a year and just recently has gotten back into contact with Jonah. To add to it, the comments of the update pointed out that said person held onto the money raised for The Diviner. Which most likely meant that funds weren’t being pumped into the project as promised. Which also means that development had floundered if this is the case.

The Diviner

I’ve not been privy to every little thing about the project. Hell, I didn’t even know it existed until I caught wind of this news. So, I can’t really comment on what’s gone on with the development up until now. While there’s obviously bound to be some controversy surrounding this decision, particularly towards the project lead, at least Jonah’s willing to admit when things can’t continue on instead of going completely dark. I’ll give him that much at least.

The Diviner

So, the update was basically his farewell from working on The Diviner and that he’ll be distancing himself from any further development should there be anyone to pick up where it was left off. At the same time, he’s given others access to all of the assets already done to do with as they want. Unfortunately, this looks to be the best he can give as a peace offering as I’m certain by now the money’s gone.

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