As someone new to crowdfunded games, I was looking for one to catch me and reel me in with concept and style, I think I found one! Rite of Life has got a very unique look to it, and you can tell just by watching the Pre-Alpha footage.

With inspirations from the beloved Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Dark Cloud and Monster Hunter, Rite of Life is a mashup life-sim RPG that is bigger than expected. 


In Rite of Life, you are given a vast amount of creative freedom from character customization, to how your town develops. You start with a small encampment, and from there, your character adventures into a world of monsters, beautiful scenery, and collectable resources. Overtime, your adventures allow you to build up your camp and become the founder of a thriving town full of citizens.riteoflife2

It’s the small details in a game that make me a sucker for them, and Rite of Life has an artistic feel to it that just pulls my heart strings. A weather change feature is an exciting part of the game that allows you to travel through different seasons and cycle through day and night. Not only is it a pretty to look at, it also influences battle sequences with monsters.


It was important for me as a gamer to dive into crowdfunded games and explore the worlds I was missing out on. Rite of Life is definitely a world I don’t want to miss.

Visit the Kickstarter page for Rite of Life and get as excited as I am!

Track the progress of the Rite of Life Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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