In my opinion, when developing a space game, there is a ton of room for creativity. Lord of Rigel seems like the kind of game that has extended imagination mixed in with a heavy dose of strategy. What caught my attention was the four specific ways it has integrated strategy as you play along.


Explore, expand, exploit, exterminate. These four “E”s are what make Lord of Rigel a more complex and well rounded 4X strategy game. Usually all of this goes over my head and I have a hard time following a game with so many intense layers, but since I am exploring new things in the crowdfunded world I became interested in how Lord of Rigel stands out from other strategy games.

There are elements within the game that create it’s complexity, such as fleet combat, diplomacy, and the struggle between different races. I would imagine players have to move slow through this as Lord of Rigel challenges you to think about every decision.


If political debates fail, we can always resort to violence! Turn based combat involving ships and fleets allows you to control the battle. How will you attack? Flank them using strategic moves, or fly in full force with an aggressive nature? Once again, think first because you may get rewarded depending on how you choose to fight.


I believe Lord of Rigel was created for more complex minded players than myself (I like pretty colors), but that doesn’t mean I wont give it a go. I like ships too! In the end, the fate of the universe is up to you, and that is a heavy burden my friend.

To learn more or try the game demo, visit the Kickstarter page or their Website.

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Gabrielle Steudle
Gabrielle loves being transported into other worlds that people have created, and video games allow her to do that. Ever since she was six years old, she has been gaming. She grew up playing along side Super Nerd, a.k.a, her Dad. Old MMO’s like EverQuest and City of Heroes started her gaming career. Now, Gabrielle enjoys horror games mostly, but is willing to try anything. She has graduated from Grand Valley State University in Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and her dream is to write the scripts and storyboards for video games.
Gabrielle Steudle