Mouses at the ready, folks. Clay-animated point and click adventure game Armikrog is out now on all your favorite digital distribution platforms. The passion project of Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel, Armikrog is a perfect demonstration of everything that’s great about crowdfunding. After all, what publisher in the right mind would fund the development of a game like this today? Kickstarter was clearly the right move for the project, which raised a massive $974,578 thanks to its 18,126 supporters. Not bad.

ArmikrogArmikrog follows the adventures of Tommynaut and his blind alien dog Beak-Beak as they attempt to escape the confines of the enigmatic fortress the game takes its name from. The point and click gameplay emphasises exploration and puzzle solving – which, in 2015, makes this a very special and unique game indeed.

Armikrog is out now, and is currently $24.99 on Steam. For more on the game, visit Facebook, Twitter and its official website.

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