So I stumbled upon a rather intriguing Kickstarter campaign for a game called Luna. I’ve had a taste for point and click puzzle adventures since Fran Bow and the look of this game really got my attention. The art style really caught my eye from the moment I appeared on the page. The two protagonists really remind me of Finn and Jake from Adventure Time and apparently you control both of them (In a style similar to Armikrog I think). I don’t want to be too gushing about it, but it was really clear to me that a lot of effort went into this Kickstarter so I threw down my gil for it. I’m a sucker for the animated trailer.


Veni veni venius, ne me mori facius

Luna still needs to be Greenlit, but I imagine it is well on its way since apparently it has been in development for 5 months. They have a demo of the game available to play on the Kickstarter page both in the browser and downloadable. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but the game looks so good and uses frame-by-frame animation which really gives it this storybook feel. Another thing that really sold me on this project was according to the Kickstarter page, 2 of the team members quit their jobs to work full time on Luna. I have to admire that level of commitment. Also, you only have to back £7 to pledge for the game (or £15 if you want the soundtrack or artbook) which is pretty reasonable.


The story was a little cryptic for me to decipher, however, after exploring the website I found the inspiration for the game was a student film by Beidi Guo. I’m secretly hoping he uploads the film for everyone to see because it sounds super sweet. Actually, the whole website is worth a look, it’s some good reading and there is a nice piece about the music of the game. Speaking of which I really love the piano track for the game, it suits the style of the game. I’m just pretty excited to see where this goes, the funding goal is £12,000 and they’ve already received £1000 so far. I feel like this would be a fun game to bring to PS Vita so I have my fingers crosses they get enough to port it in future. What do you think of Luna? Will you be backing it or am I a fool with my money? Comment down below.

Track the progress of the Luna Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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