If you’re a fan of 2D platformers, you should definitely check out Slime of Fury, the latest retro-nostalgia project to hit Kickstarter. I know what you’re thinking. Another 2D retro-inspired metroidvania platformer? It’s not like there’s any shortage of them in the crowdfunded games scene. This is the part where I’d normally say something like, ‘but this one is different! It has a unique twist!’, however, from what I can see, Slime of Fury doesn’t. Nonetheless, having seen what’s on offer, it’s left me with positive vibes.


Here’s why: despite being yet another ‘love letter’ to the classic 2D platformer, Slime of Fury looks like a solid game. It doesn’t matter that it’s not doing anything terribly original because the gameplay looks tight, the music sounds blissful, and the pixelated visuals have a pleasant, compact feel to them. If I were to judge the game entirely by what’s on show over on Kickstarter, I’d say Slime of Fury looks greater than the sum of its parts.

Slime of FuryI suppose the fact that the game casts players as a ball of slime sets it apart, somewhat. A ball of slime that knows kung fu, at that. Indeed, special items allow for a variety of abilities, and a combo system allows players to chain together hits. Level design looks varied, with time & precision based platforming from left-to-right, top-to-bottom, and in the dark showcased in the game’s trailer. Fans of the genre will be right at home.

Slime of FuryThere’s definitely an audience for this kind of thing, so the game shouldn’t have much trouble reaching its $5,000 goal. Developer Jonathan Harwood might not be trying anything radically new, but I can’t deny that Slime of Fury has charm.

“Another charming indie game? *Groan*

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