Fans are still eagerly awaiting King Dinosaur Games’ turn-based evil simulator, That Which Sleeps. While the devs returned last month and began making weekly updates, they have kept surprisingly silent about any timeline for the game’s release.


The latest update shows off some more screenshots of the increasingly complex combat spells and chronicles. There is also a surprisingly calming ambient map teaser, which I kinda want as a screensaver now.

Overall backers seem pleased to be back in the loop, but the lack of updates regarding any sort of time-frame for even a beta release has not gone unnoticed. It has officially been one year past the expected release date for That Which Sleeps. Considering they not only met the initial funding goal, but then proceeded to slaughter it’s face by meeting all stretch goals to a final tune of $85,593, it’s understandable that backers would like some idea of when this beast of a game will finally wake up.

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