The two-man team behind Pauldron Games just added a woman to the mix with their latest update. In the video update, Luke Farinella apologizes for the update free previous month before explaining that he’d been forced to spend the time job hunting. Since he handles the bulk of the creative side of development, he admits that aspect of Pauldron: Shield of the King suffered while he was preoccupied. The good news is that he is once again gainfully employed, the bad news is that his new company, Epic Games, doesn’t want him developing games.


After filing the required, “existing IP” paperwork with Epic Games, Luke has been forced to reevaluate his level of involvement in his $9,780 Kickstarter project. While he assured backers that his partner, Benjamin is still hard at work on the game, Farinella is stepping aside so that his wife, Melody, can take over the bulk of his managerial tasks.

Pauldron: Shield of the King backers have been supportive of the announcement and really there is no reason they shouldn’t be. Pauldron Games is one of those rare developers that actually keeps their backers in the know and seems to understand their obligation to deliver on their promises. It’s too soon to speculate on how effective Melody will be in her new role, it all depends on her level of personal interest in seeing Pauldron completed.


This may prove a temporary set-back for Pauldron, but as long as the remaining team can keep plugging away I see no reason they wouldn’t still be able to pull this off within the expected timeline.

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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