I’m very disappointed to hear that Ludoria’s Kickstarter campaign has been cancelled. I’m sure you’ll remember how excited I was to have a hybrid of Minecraft and Dragon Quest. Hell, just the fact that Ludoria lets you have circles and curves while building rather than just bricks had me sold. Which is why I am fairly surprised that it didn’t reach it’s funding goal and ended up being called off. I was so confident that this game was going to be successful I barely checked in on it during its campaign and was shocked to find it only received $4,000 of it’s $5,000 goal. It’s pretty sad, but it is just a reminder that the majority of Kickstarter projects fail no matter how good they are. In a sea of Kickstarter campaigns, it can be hard for backers to pick out little gems like this.


Ludoria had a hell of a lot of potential for sure.

The developers released an update with the hopeful name: Every End Is A New Beginning. Essentially, they still plan to work on developing the game and want to release it on Steam Early Access. Perhaps the money they raise from Early Access will be enough to help them get through, however, this looks like it is going to be pretty hard on the developers. You have to remember that Ludoria is a pretty complex game. It has a large open world, crafting, building, battling, catching, collecting mechanics, swimming, flying, and sailing. This is the second time they have launched a campaign, and this time, at a much lower goal. Their first Kickstarter had a goal of $28,000 which reflects the complexity of what they are trying to make.


Can this level of complexity be achieved without the funds?

I guess my big question is how can Ludario be made without this funding. It’s a huge project and while I really want to see it, I don’t see how it will be feasible now. It’s something I really want to see, it really is, so I’m going to keep an eye on this one. If nothing else, I admire the developers tenacity, but what about you? Why do you think Ludario failed?

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