I don’t think I’ve ever backed a project faster than I did Ludoria. Ludoria is a sandbox game that takes a blocky procedurally-generated world like that of Minecraft and throws catchable monsters into the mix. Ludoria was released on the Steam Greenlight back in August 2014 and was Greenlit in December of the same year. Reading through both the Kickstarter and the Greenlight page the game seems to have not only emulated Minecraft and Dragon Quest, but also improved on their style.


The monsters follow you around and help you dig holes and cut trees.

The game will have a resource collecting and crafting mechanic. Instead of being limited to cubes like we are in Minecraft, you can use your own custom shapes. There are monsters with unique abilities who can be captured and trained and used to cut trees, fly and fight other monsters. Just watching the video and seeing the character flying around had me sold, I love the idea of free-roaming over the world. According to the Greenlight, the game also has a multiplayer mode with co-op and PVP action.


There are different biomes, including snowy mountains, lakes, and grassy hill tops.

The video featured the character sailing on a boat and swimming under the water which just about blew my mind. Maybe I’ve been playing too much Subnautica, but swimming alongside monsters sounds amazing. I hope it has a creative mode like in Minecraft where I can just build my base of operations and rule over my monster infested kingdom. According to the Kickstarter page the game is due out for December of this year. The goal is $5,000 with stretch goals going up to $500,000.


Lots of different monsters to capture and train.

What do you guys think of this genre mash-up? You all know I’m sold, but comment down below with your thoughts and feelings on Ludoria. Speaking of genre mash-ups, for something entirely different why don’t you check out Failure?

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