Just a few nights ago, Deadly Venoms was up and running on its Kickstarter campaign. The cute little 2D, beat ‘em up brawler showed potential, it was unique, fast-paced and seemingly action-packed. However, it was recently announced that Firebutton, the developers of Deadly Venoms have now officially cancelled the campaign.


As with any game not made by Phil Fish, it’s extremely sad to see development come to an end; especially so very early into the fundraiser. I’m on the fence, really, I half respect the developers for feeling their game won’t succeed and cutting their losses. Yet on the other hand, who said it wouldn’t succeed? It didn’t seem like a failure to me.

Deadly Venoms was less than a week into its Kickstarter campaign, proving there’s absolutely no way of accurately telling how it could have ended. Maybe it sits at 18 backers for 30 days, not even reaching 10% of their final goal. Maybe it doesn’t? Maybe on the final day it flairs up on Reddit and 1,000’s of people back Deadly Venoms.


I understand and respect Firebutton’s decision to scrap the Kickstarter, but I feel that waiting 30 days would have been the right thing to do. On the bright side, though, they’ve announced that Deadly Venoms will continue production, issuing the following statement.

“We’re going to work towards a polished demo for all the world to enjoy and see how things will go from there”

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