It should be pretty apparent by now that I love adventure games. The stories. The puzzles. The humor. The Journey Down is a series that’s most certainly worth checking out. The first two episodes are already released so you can play them now if you want, but the third one just hit Kickstarter. And has started out strong right out of the gate. Thanks in no small part to the “usual suspects” it’s already roughly halfway funded.


The Journey Down follows two unlikely heroes Bwana and Kito as they are swept away on a whirlwind adventure beyond their humble home of Kingsport Bay. The duo are approached by a woman about a book and after finding it are forced to fly off into the sunset both to save their own hides and to help her discover what’s hidden inside. Secrets are soon revealed when they approach Port Artue in the second episode and after narrowly escaping with their lives they end up where they need to be.

The final chapter of The Journey Down will continue where the previous two games have left off and SkyGoblin promises this to be an epic ending to an already impressive tale. Will we find out just what is going on? Or will we be left with more questions than answers? The journey is as important as the destination and however it ends I’m sure it will be a fitting finale.

The Journey Down

In preparation for the launch of the Kickstarter I played through the first two games. And I loved taking Bwana and Kito from one insane scene to another. The story is actually pretty kinetic for an adventure game. Even when I was briefly stuck on a puzzle it still felt like the pace continued on. Danger and intrigue are around every corner but at the same time you’ll find yourself laughing through each predicament. And if episode three is as grandiose as they promise then it will most certainly be a fitting end to the series.

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