DotDream’s Never Ending Night is out now on Steam. The student developers sought to make a videogame that captured the feelings of loneliness and camaraderie one would expect from a team inspired by heartbreak. I’m not quite sure whether I find that incredibly inspiring or incredibly depressing, but I’m perfectly happy to call it an interesting backstory.

Never Ending NightAs for the game itself, it’s a 2D side-scroller that features multiple gameplay modes. If you’re looking for something with an emphasis on dialogue, puzzles and character relationships, look no further than the game’s story mode. On the other hand, if you’re in a somewhat less sensitive mood, you can hack and slash your way through the dungeons of the game’s Knights mode. Something for everyone. Nice.

Never Ending NightThat art style’s nothing to complain about, either. It’s like Limbo and Patapon had a baby.

So there you go. Going through a messy break-up? Turns out all you need is some depressing side-scroller action from DotDream. You can get Never Ending Night now for $9.99 on Steam. Or you can get some tissues and ice cream. Completely up to you.

For more on Never Ending Night, stalk it on Facebook, Twitter, and its official website.

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