Unfortunately disaster has stricken the development of The Aquatic Adventure Of The Last Human, luckily, it’s not human extinction itself. Although slightly less dramatic, as a victim of data loss, you feel like the world has ended. It happens to us all and is a real punch in the stomach, whether it be Word, Sony Vegas or in the case of YCJY, GameMaker.


The developers have explained that while using GameMaker, the program crashed, when they returned, all assets had become corrupted. The ever unreliable backups made by GameMaker had disappeared and they were at a loss for both words and data. For some strange reason that I don’t understand, the development team weren’t keeping active backups of their game. As a student or worker on a solo project, I guess you’re just sacrificing your own work. However, this isn’t just the loss of a team’s work; it’s now the loss and disappointment of all those people who backed the project.

Stuff like this does happen, however, YCJY managed to find a month old backup of their saves and with crushed spirits, they fight on. The potential of a release date is now gone with what was going to be a playable beta. If one good thing was to come out of it though, the developers have now decided upon a suitable PR company to help them launch the game.

Jordan Marciniak
Being a writer of all kinds, Jordan is currently working on his degree at Leeds Beckett University, where he studies English with Creative Writing. His preferred topic has always been video games, although, the game at hand stands second to him being able to voice some form of opinion on the matter. As well as a gamer, he's also an avid pro-wrestling fan and comic book reader. However, he doesn’t gauge any of these based on the hype and hyperbole surrounding them; but more so in their ability to convey an interesting narrative.
Jordan Marciniak