Do you believe in magic? Well, a young witch by the name of Piper does. Unfortunately, she’s not particularly good at it. But that doesn’t stop her from trying. Over and over again. Magic Lost is a point and click adventure game about this girl and her quest to become a great witch. And she’s on her own…well, except for a pet black cat to help guide her along. After all, what good is a witch without a familiar?Magic Lost

The basic premise behind Magic Lost is that Piper has a lot of magical potential. And the elder wizards fear that this power could be used for evil and so decide to shut away all her magical aptitude in order to preserve peace or something. Honestly, I think they’re just a bunch of douchebags for doing it but that’s just me. So, she sets off to do battle with these wizards and regain what they took from her.

One feature that I really find intriguing about Magic Lost that’s quite different from most other adventure games is their choice of combat. Sure, it’s been done before in games like Quest for Glory but it’s how it goes about doing it. From my understanding it plays out more like Mega Man in that Piper gains the ability of the boss that she can then use on other bosses to take them down easier. They’ll also have utility functions outside of combat.

Just being an adventure alone is enough to capture my attention, but between the unique gameplay elements and beautiful looking artwork reminiscent of classic animated films makes Magic Lost a must watch. I know I look forward to seeing how everything works out for our poor witch as she struggles to find herself and the power that she lost. And, if you’re still not sure after reading this then you can always check out the demo they lovingly provided.

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