Well that didn’t take long. Home Free, the open world dog simulator that recently launched on Kickstarter (to immediate popularity) has reached its $50,000 goal, and still has 24 days to secure additional funding.

Haven’t backed the project yet? If you’re interested, now is the time. Get those backer rewards while you still can. Want the official soundtrack? A t-shirt? Some stickers? Hell, want to get your dog into the game? Head over to the project’s Kickstarter page now.

Home FreeIt’ll be interesting to see if the funding momentum slows now that the game has reached its goal. More intriguing is the possibility of the project meeting its stretch goals. The Kickstarter page promises a new Dockside area should Home Free raise $65,000, with cats being added to the game at $80,000 and…er, the inclusion of dogs with tiny legs at $100,000, which are allegedly difficult to animate. Let’s just take developer Mark Cancienne‘s word for it. His game looks pretty cool, and it’s now going to become a reality.

For more on Home Free, check out the project on Kickstarter, and follow developer Mark Cancienne on Twitter.

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