Sometimes a great adventure can start from the most unlikely of places. Take an “everyday man” who finds his place robbed after stumbling in in a drunken stupor. But Bjorn Thonen is more than just an avid drinker. He’s also an antiques dealer. While it’s not specified in the pitch, I wouldn’t be surprised if said thief absconded with some priceless artifact. While the basic premise isn’t new to the genre (Broken Sword and Runaway’s done it already) what sets Demetrios apart from the rest of the pack is in its cynical humor.


Based on what I’ve seen Bjorn is an asshole. You can certainly see it with his fourth-wall shattering remarks throughout the text. But, he’s not alone. Helping our “hero” on the case is his neighbor Sandra. Who’s even more of a mystery. You don’t really know anything about her unless you played the demo, which is lovingly offered as a taste of what’s to come. It’s essentially the first chapter of Demetrios and looks to run a lot longer than most demos that I’ve played.


Anyway, it’s up to these two to find what was stolen and it could quite possibly take them on a whirlwind adventure full of danger and wisecracks. Just my kind of adventure. Seriously, I love the Broken Sword and Runaway series that this is inspired by. With six episodes they promise around 10-12 hours total gameplay. Which doesn’t sound too bad, even for an episodic series. You’ve even got mini games sprinkled throughout Demetrios, all described as fun and having a place in the story. I’m all for adding interesting gimmicks that don’t take away from the experience. This one is most certainly worth watching. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have a demo to play.

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UPDATE: I received word from the developer of the game that I mislabeled the game as episodic. While it will be split into six chapters it will be one whole game. No waiting for the rest to release. I apologize for this oversight and will flog myself with wet noodles.

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