It’s been a good couple of months if you’re a Children of Morta backer that enjoys radio silence. However, for those seeking further information, the project’s Kickstarter page has just provided a little update on how things are progressing with the family-focused hack and slash roguelike (there’s a description, for ya).


In short, developer Dead Mage has been focusing on crafting low-key narrative moments through character interactions rather than through the traditional high-level linear narrative structure we’re used to seeing. They’ve also improved their procedural generation system, making the game’s environments look a whole lot more natural and less Tetris-like. A bunch of new enemies, animations and music are also mentioned, which can be previewed in the update post.

Children of MortaThat’s all, folks. Not a whole lot to go on, but that’s all it takes to be in backers’ good books. Just keep them updated. Let them know how you’re spending their money. It’s not hard. Really. I’m sure Shuhei Yoshida will be pleased.

For more on Children of Morta┬ábe sure to check out our previous coverage, follow the game on Twitter, and check out its campaign page. There’s an official website, too.

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