Looks like Scribblenauts developer 5TH Cell are set to join the crowdfunding scene. A recent press release confirms the fact, which I’ve painstakingly read through in order to write this article. Allow me to present a translation of whatever language it is that these executives communicate in. Paraphrased or not, it’ll be much more readable than the original source. I promise.

5TH Cell is working on a new, original IP that will be announced on the 21st of October on Fig. No, I’ve never heard of it, but you may have.  It’s a new player on the scene that focuses on videogame projects exclusively, and 5TH Cell‘s campaign will be the second launched on the platform. Other prominent developers are set to jump on the bandwagon soon, too, such as Obsidian, Harmonix and Double Fine, so definitely keep Fig on your radar. This won’t be the last you hear about it.

fig1Why choose Fig over Kickstarter? 5TH Cell apparently feels it’s the best fit for their purposes, having watched the campaign for Outer Wilds pull in over $126k. Who knows? Maybe they need a lot of money, and it can be hard to stand out on Kickstarter when there are a million other projects out there trying to grab one’s attention. Naturally, 5TH Cell plans to offer backer rewards like any good crowdfunding campaign. No details on what they are yet, but I’m sure they’ll be announced alongside this new project when it launches on October 21st.

See that? Six PR-speak paragraphs down to three in plain English, for your reading pleasure. You’re welcome.

For more on 5TH Cell‘s mysterious new project, keep your eyes on Fig, and follow the developer on Twitter. Be sure to check back with Cliqist for future coverage.

Gary Alexander Stott
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Gary Alexander Stott


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