If all you’ve ever wanted from videogames is real-time mourning, graveyard simulator Welcome to Boon Hill is out now and available to purchase. It’s one of those games that are weird in the best possible way. Players roam a graveyard, reading tombstone epitaphs – some of which feature the names of the project’s backers.

I’d also like to draw attention to the well-written campaign page, which lists some of the best feature descriptions I’ve ever read. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Fancy, advanced 16-bit graphics! The kind of graphics you drooled over twenty years ago.’

Virtual graveyard! Real depression! Feelings of depression are not guaranteed, but reading epitaphs is not known as a heartwarming pastime.’

Real-time mourning! You’ll be able to bow your head, leave flowers on gravestones, and look sad. All in real time!’

Boon HillIf the game itself features such witty writing, it could very well be worth your time – and your thoughts. Welcome to Boon Hill can be purchased here. For more on the game, I highly suggest checking out the project’s campaign description.

Gary Alexander Stott
Gary Alexander Stott is a handsome young writer from Scotland absolutely brimming with talent, who feels his best feature is his modesty. When it comes to overthinking narrative and storytelling in games, his otherwise useless degree in English with Creative Writing comes in very handy indeed.
Gary Alexander Stott
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