I recall from childhood the ever famous Super Mario Smash Bros, endless fun with friends. It’s been ages since I’ve played that style of game. Damajo Games, creators of Riposte, have an interesting take on this unique brawling style with which they have created their own engine to provide low bandwidth and fast responsiveness during gameplay.


The developers of Riposte want to bring the love for online arena brawlers to the PC world, in which brawlers are a rarity. By the footage of gameplay, Riposte looks like it takes the core features of an online brawler, and makes it different with interactive settings and unique characters, all with varying abilities.


Three different modes are found in Riposte. The one I was drawn to was the lovely game of Footbrawl (football and brawling). Deathmatch and Coins are the others, and players can find themselves in ranked or custom games through steam matchmaking.

I was never good at these games, but I like when things blow up. After I read about the explosions found in Riposte during the brawl, I’ve been wanting to get my butt in that arena!

Check out their Kickstarter or Website for details.

Track the progress of the Riposte Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Gabrielle Steudle
Gabrielle loves being transported into other worlds that people have created, and video games allow her to do that. Ever since she was six years old, she has been gaming. She grew up playing along side Super Nerd, a.k.a, her Dad. Old MMO’s like EverQuest and City of Heroes started her gaming career. Now, Gabrielle enjoys horror games mostly, but is willing to try anything. She has graduated from Grand Valley State University in Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and her dream is to write the scripts and storyboards for video games.
Gabrielle Steudle