Remember Another World? I don’t – I was too young. I do, however, remember Heart of Darkness, and I certainly remember From Dust. The thread that ties these three games? French game designer Eric Chahi. From these three games alone, it’s plain to see that the man’s got some genuine creative talent. Whether you have fond memories of these games, or whether you’ve never played a single one, you can read his official biography to learn more.Welcome to Another WorldAt least, you can if you’re able to read French, as it’s the only language in which the book has been printed.

That’s where you come in – The Digital Lounge has just launched a Kickstarter project that aims to cover the translation and reprinting costs necessary to bring the biography to a wider audience. Moreover, backing at the right tier will get you the collector’s edition, featuring not only the book itself, but the 20th Anniversary edition of Another World, as well as its soundtrack.

Welcome to Another WorldWhether you’re after nostalgia or knowledge, there’s plenty on offer here, and Welcome to Another World has a full 29 days left to reach its €35,000 goal. The pitch video is perhaps a little presumptious in ending with the line ‘Soon in English thanks to you!’, but that could just be poor translation – rather ironic, really, and hopefully not indicative of the final product’s quality.

Speaking of Eric Chahi, wonder what he’s up to now? From Dust was released back in 2011, and we haven’t seen anything from him since. If this project is successful, is it possible we might see him turn to crowdfunding for his next game? It’s interesting to think that this project might be being used as an interest gauge, of sorts. All speculation, of course.

For more on Welcome to Another World, check the project out on Kickstarter.

Track the progress of the Welcome to Another World Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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