Guess who’s got a Patreon account? I’m sure you’ve already guessed it if you read the title, but yes. AJ Tilley has moved on to Patreon to help supplement the artwork for existing and future projects. And it’s barely gone live and almost reached its second milestone goal. Seriously, the way this guy gets funding so easily boggles my mind. With only 14 backers giving $226 a month at the time of this writing it makes me wonder just how he manages to do this. With that said, just what can we expect from our serial novelist?

AJ Tilley Patreon

In a nutshell, AJ Tilley’s current Patreon campaign is all about art. Art for existing games, art for upcoming games, art just for backers, Dakimakura designs, wallpapers, etc. Here’s the kicker, though. In addition to “suitable for work” pieces he also plans on going the more risque route this time around. Which means some uncensored work. I found out about this campaign through updates on the remaining projects that I’m still a backer of, which I’d not have known about if it wasn’t for them. Mostly because they’re backer only. Which he’s done a lot of lately for project announcements. Anyway, here’s the basic gist:

AJ Tilley Patreon

So put simply what is the campaign about – Well very simply it is about artwork, the funds from the Patreon campaign will literally fund bonus artwork for the games, some of which may be released publicly, but most of it will be unseen art that is not in the games or not used for various reasons.

That’s it. That’s all that this Patreon campaign is for. Art. I hate to see him continually going back for more money, whether it’s for another visual novel or a figurine or backer only art. Because he’s always asking for more without producing what’s already been promised. And I’m getting tired of it.

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