Face it, many of the games you have played are probably just first person shooters, right? Well Nevermind is definitely not like that at all. Actually, it is quite the opposite. It’s all about a trip into the mind and subconscious. Nevermind is a dark storytelling game between two patients that have psychological trauma that you must help regain memories for to finish telling their stories. These creepy horror stories will take you down paths you never knew existed.

The kicker? All during gameplay, you, the player, have a biofeedback sensor strapped somewhere on your body during the duration of the game. Why? Alongside the main goal being to tackle the inner subconscious mind of the two patients, their realities are darker than you think and with the trials and tribulations you are facing, the sensor is meant to read this your panicky notions to throw more curve-balls your way.


The sensor I used, an IomPE from Wild Divine, was placed on my earlobe and measured my reactions to the game. The higher my heart rate went, the blurrier, fuzzier, and more disturbing the game got; and it stayed that way until I could calm myself down.

There weren’t too make parts that truly frightened me in game, but there were a few that were unpredictable. Nevermind, overall, was beautifully constructed and now having played a sensor activated game, I’m really looking for the addition of Oculus Rift support for an even more frightful experience.

Nevermind is our October 2015 Crowdfunded Game of the Month and can be found on Steam.

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