Remember our monthly “Not Crowdfunded, But…” series of articles?  The idea behind it was that we would focus on one non-crowdfunded game per month.  They were certainly fun to write, and tended to be very popular traffic wise (hellllloooo FNAF!), but they were outside the scope of what Cliqist is all about: crowdfunded games.  So, now we’ve moved to putting extra special attention on a single crowdfunded game of the month.  Not only will the titles be great games, they’ll also be examples of crowdfunding done right.  Our October 2015 game of the month?

Our webcomic, Under Development by Julie Morley, takes a look at which is scarier. The classic twilight zone movie, or Nevermind.

Yup, it’s Nevermind from Flying Mollusk.  There are a ton of great crowdfunded games out there at the moment so this one took some discussion.  However, in the end Nevermind won out.  Why?  Not only is Nevermind a great game, it’s also terrifying and fits in with the whole Holloween season.  The Nevermind experience on Kickstarter is also an engaging one.  The games’ first campaign fell just short of it’s goals, but the developers went back to the drawing board and came back with a fresh campaign that ended successfully.  In addition to heartwarming story of failure and success the developers at Flying Mollusk did a great job engaging with Kickstarter backers throughout the games development.  As a backer it’s tough to ask for much more.

In the coming weeks we’ll be offering up a variety of articles on Nevermind, and will even give you a chance to win a IomPE Biofeedback Sensor so you can experience the game the way it’s meant to be played.  In the meantime check out our previous coverage and keep your eyes peeled for new articles.

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10/29 – Through Swamps and Deserts: Nevermind’s Journey as Told Through Its Crowdfunding Process

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